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Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Eat Your Veggies

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Can you recall how many times mom used to emphasize that we should take our vegies and we would frown back and go for the steak? It turns out that mom are always right, and I mean always. It has been found that cruciferous vegetables can boost your testosterone levels by lowering the estrogen levels. In addition to this, they can increase the sperm counts. This means that you should incorporate veggies in our meals at least half the plate. Vegetables are also known to prevent diseases, increase energy, boost testosterone and increase the sperm count.

What happens if we take too much vegetables?

Vegetarians may be in a lot of trouble. This is because, even though veggies are known to boost the sperm count, meals which are highly rich in vegetables may lead to infertility. This is was stated by researchers from Loma Linda University Medical School.

It has been found that a diet which is rich in vegetables can prolong life by preventing us against diseases. However, men who do not include meat in their meals have a lower sperm count than men who incorporate meat in their meals.

The researchers decided to take seventh-day Adventists as their subjects as they believed taking meat was impure. It was also very curious as to why the seventh-day Adventists had a life expectancy 10 years more than that of a normal American. Was it this linked to the sperm quality? Let us find out.

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The outcomes of this experiment was that the seventh-day Adventists had less sperm counts than men who took meat. They had 50 million/mL in comparison to the meat eaters who had 70 million/mL

In addition to this, it was found that by excluding meat from our meals will reduce the sperm motility. This is a parameter which dictates the number of active sperms in the semen. The vegans had only a third of sperms which were active while the meat eaters had 60% active sperms.

The researchers believed that the reason as to why vegans had a less sperm count was due to lack of some vitamins. In addition, they thought that by replacing meat with soy was another major cause of the low sperm count.

The teams went further to clarify that the vegetarians were not considered infertile. However, it might be quite difficult for them to conceive using the natural methods. By now, you probably know that soy has a negative impact on the male reproductive system. Soy might have proteins but it contains phytoestrogens which will have similar effects as estrogen.

Children who have been grown up to be vegetarians may have poor sperm quality after reaching puberty. In addition, it might be a challenge to convert vegetarians to omnivorous humans but if they wish to conceive, they should stop taking in soy foods.

As we know, most vegetables are grown under a lot of chemicals and pesticides. Such chemicals will definitely have an impact on your male reproductive system if you take in excess veggies. Just take an amount sufficient for your body.

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