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Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Eat Red Food

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Please, don’t mistake red food for red meat. By now we probably know that too much red meat is harmful to your health. The red food which we are referring to are fruits like tomatoes, strawberries, cherries and peppers. These fruits are known to contain Lycopene which is known to increase the mobility, morphology, volume of sperms per ejaculation hence increasing the sperm count by up to 70%. Isn’t this amazing?

According to a recent study, the nutrient which gives the red color in tomatoes is known to improve fertility in men. In Britain, the findings from this study brought hope to childless couples. For a long time now, it has been assumed that infertility is mainly associated with females as they are the ones who carry the child. However, if a man has low sperm count or the quality of sperms is poor, he is also considered infertile.

A report which was published by the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio took a look at 12 studies which were conducted by different groups in the world. From these studies, it was clear that Lycopene improved both the sperm count and swimming speed. That is not all, it also reduced the number of abnormal sperms. This is why we men should take the red food because it tends to favor our reproductive system.

An abnormal sperm is a sperm which has an altered morphology or have a damaged DNA structure. From this, it is clear that the number of sperms is not the only factor to consider when it comes to fertility. A human sperm which swims faster and has a better DNA structure will easily fertilize the egg and give rise to a stronger generation.

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In other studies, it has been found that Lycopene reduces diseases of the prostate gland. This gland is the one responsible for production of sperms. If it gets infected, the sperm production rate will reduce or might even come to a halt. In addition, the nutrient will minimize the chances of getting prostate cancer.

The team which was led by Ashok Agarwal, director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Reproductive Medicine stated that there is need for more and wider studies so as to know the main effects of Lycopene on male reproductive system. For instance, he suggested that it is best when the study will be conducted to establish the effect of the nutrient on different kinds of men. For example, the study should compared the effects of Lycopene on infertile men against the effects from normal men.

The team leader, however, concluded that the nutrient found in red foods lowered the rated of damaged sperms and in some cases the sperms tended to swim faster. The only challenge was proving whether the nutrient improved the chances pregnancy.

In conclusion, we have seen that the red fruits should be incorporated in our diets for better sperm quality and sperm count. If you don’t like pepper, you may substitute it with strawberries which are sweeter.

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