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Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Eat Oysters

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Oysters are known to be one of the best and most potent sexual enhancers. The best thing is that oysters are naturally available. This means that they are free from any chemicals which might impose negative side effects to your body. Apart from increasing your sexual desires, oysters are known to increase the sperm count in men.

Now you can kiss infertility goodbye. How do oysters achieve this? Oysters are very rich in zinc and this nutrient is very essential when it comes to boosting the sperm count. It is important to know that zinc is usually stored in our body hence you don’t have to eat the oysters daily. Start off by taking 8-12 oysters weekly and trust me, you will see a positive improvement in your sex drive.

In the past, many studies were conducted to investigate the effect of oysters on the semen production or sperm count in humans. There was a very simple study which was conducted at home by two couples. These couples believed that oysters would increase the sperm counts of their male spouses and they were ready to give it a try.

The couples went out on a dinner and four of them decided to order a dozen of oysters for the table. As predicted, they started making fun of the statement that oysters have aphrodisiacal qualities. Each of them had heard or read somewhere that oysters will boost the quantity of their semen. Amazingly, the statement they were making fun of was true.

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Oysters contain a nutrient known as dopamine which is known to increase both sexual desire and testosterone levels. Without testosterone, you are not considered a ‘man’. The testosterone hormone is one of the most important hormones in male reproductive system as it give the masculine nature of a man and plays a major role in production of sperms. The higher the testosterone, the higher the sperm count.

Oysters also contain zinc which is very important in sexual function in men. In addition to this, oysters also favors the female reproductive system. The zinc found in oysters increases vaginal lubrication.

Let us go back to the study which was conducted at home. After the couples finished taking their dinner and oysters, they went to their respective rooms and the next day, they provided feedback on whether they had experienced any improvements on their sexual desires. Four of them agreed that there was an increase in semen quantity after ejaculation. However, no measuring equipment was used as this study was conducted back at home.

The couples know themselves better when it comes to bed hence we will go with what they found out. Also, the four of them agreed that the vaginal lubrication was better. This is good news as with better lubrication, females will feel the optimum sexual pleasure without any frictional pain. Lastly, 3 out of the 4 agreed that they had an intense sexual experience which was not normal. From these outcomes, you will definitely predict that the couples will try to take oysters the next night.

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