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Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Eat Dark Chocolate

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I know by just mentioning the word dark chocolate, some of you are salivating. A majority of people in the world are chocolate lovers. In addition, chocolate is known to be romantic in nature. Just buy chocolate to a girl, and just like that, her heart is yours.

Sperms are very delicate to heat and oxygen radicals. The oxygen radicals are known to damage the overall sperm morphology and DNA. Dark chocolate is known to be rich with antioxidants and arginine which is a potent sperm enhancer. Most reports which have been made by men who take dark chocolate often have reported that they have intense orgasms. In addition, by having antioxidants in our body, we will increase the amount of blood flowing to the testicles hence boosting the production of sperms.

The issue of men having low sperm count has now become a global issue. This is because men who are termed as infertile cannot naturally father children. Fortunately, the condition of low sperm count can easily be reversed by using natural ways or simple methods which are available at our home.

What causes low sperm count?

In order for you to solve any problem, it is always best to know what caused the problem. This is why we have to know some of the causes of low sperm count in men before coming up with solutions:

  1. Medical causes of low sperm count

There are a few medical causes of low sperm count in men. Some of them are low motility and abnormal sperm morphology, blocked ejaculatory ducts, enlarged scrotal veins and sperm allergy. Motility refers to the ability of the sperm to swim while morphology is the shape of the sperm. Sperm allergy occurs where the body is allergic to its own sperms hence it destroys them.

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  1. Psychological causes of low sperm count

This refers to the stress levels in the brain. This cause will affect the erection and also sperm production.

How do we boost our sperm count?

There are many things which you can do so as to improve your sperm count. First, you should start off with a well-balanced diet, stop cigarette and dope smoking, reduce or stop taking alcohol, putting on lose boxers and avoid exposing your testicles to excess heat.

Foods which can boost your sperm count

The first food on our list is the dark chocolate. It is rich with amino acids, L-arginine HCL which smooth the body muscles hence allowing more blood to flow to the genital region. They also contain antioxidants which eliminate the free radicals found in the blood. Such radicals are linked to male infertility. However, you should not take in too much chocolate. Keep an aye on your weight.

Oysters are also known to improve the sperm count as well as enhancing the sexual desire. This is simply because they contain a lot of zinc which stimulate the production of testosterone.

Blueberries are known to contain a compound which enhances blood flow to the genital region. Therefore, we should always include some of these food in our diets.

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