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Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Eat Asparagus

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Asparagus are known to be very rich in Vitamin C. The Vitamin C has the ability of preventing your sperms from oxidizing. It does so by protecting the cells of the testicles from the free oxygen radicals. The Asparagus also contains folic acid which are known to have a positive impact on sperm count. It is best for you to include Asparagus in your meals a few times per week. It is a very healthy veggie which will add some delicious taste to your meals.

Studies have shown that by taking Asparagus you can easily increase the number of your swimmers. There are many things which tend to damage the sperms. The most popular are heat and the oxygen radicals. Therefore, by decreasing these radicals, you will greatly increase your sperm count. This is why most doctors advice patients to have a steady diet of Asparagus. This veggie is very rich in vitamin C and that is why it is famous for cleansing and healing properties. The vitamin C, as stated above is the best in offering protection to sperms against these radicals. In addition, vitamin is known to increase the sperm concentration per ejaculation and improves sperm motility. Sperm motility refers to the ability of the sperm to swim to the direction of the egg. With better motility, sperms will easily reach and fertilize the egg. It is obvious that the higher the sperm concentration, the higher the odds of conceiving. The only downfall of Asparagus is that they will make your urine very concentrated with ammonia hence very smelly. However, looking at the bright side, you will have to take this risk for a better sperm count.

Apart from taking in Asparagus, what else can boost the sperm counts?

The fertility problems in men are known to have many causes. Some of the causes which are very common include heat, poor diet, use of drugs such as tobacco, alcohol and dope, and also chemicals. The best way in which we can increase the sperm count is by avoiding some of the things. For instance, we can prevent overheating of the sperms by wearing lose undies. It is that simple.

There are also some foods which will boost our sperm count:

From what we have said above, vitamin C is very important. Therefore, we should take in more citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits.

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Tomatoes are known to contain a substance called lycopene. This substance is known to enhance development of sperms.

Zinc is also very important in production of sperms. One of the most common sources of zinc is beans.

Nuts are also known to improve sperm count as they contain zinc and vitamin E.

You should eat that broccoli. This is vegetable has folic acid which is very important to women just before conception and during pregnancy. It has similar effects on men as it boost the sperm count.

Spinach is also known to be rich in folic acid. It is best when combined with vitamin C food.

There are many other food which can help in boosting your sperm count.

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