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Things You Can Do/Avoid In Order To Increase Your Sperm Count: Skip Out The Receipts

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BPA is almost found everywhere, even on bank receipts. For instance, if you are handed a bank receipt and you feel a powdery feeling, which is definitely BPA. A good and simple test was conducted on 10 people who touched unused receipts and then ate from a basket of fries. The outcome was that they had ten times higher the levels of BPA on their system.

By now, we probably know that BPA affects the male reproductive system negatively hence reducing the sperm count. In addition, BPA damages the DNA of sperms hence low quality sperms are produced by affected males. In addition, moms who are expectant should stay away from BPA as this might cause abnormalities in male reproductive systems of their new born baby boys.

BisphenolA (BPA) is a chemical which is found in hard plastic food and drink containers like baby bottles and Naglene water bottles. Most companies have eliminated the use of BPA from their plastic based products. Research has shown that BPA is not only harmful to male reproductive system but also to women’s fertility at this will indirectly cause harm to young children.

Since BPA is also found in BPA coated receipts, most people will tend to think by sanitizing their hand, they will be free from the chemical. However, research has shown that even after sanitizing your hands, small levels of BPA will be found in your blood stream. Small levels may not be that harmful but if the concentration of BPA increase, you will experience some negative side effects with time.

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Most people don’t have an idea of how a BPA coated receipt may look like. A good example is a thermal receipt paper which turns dark when it is scratched. A team from University of Missouri carried out a study to measure how much BPA moves from this receipt to a person’s hand. Some hand sanitizers and other skin care products belong to a class called ‘dermal penetration enhancers’ which help liquids penetrate into your skin. Therefore, by using such sanitizers after touching BPA coated receipts you will increase your BPA levels within a matter of seconds. In contrary to this, if you use dry hand sanitizers you will get only 1% of BPA in your hands.

Contamination of BPA to food products is very common. For instance, most people will tend to put sandwiches on top of the receipts and directly consume the sandwich when they have a lot to carry. There are also some people who use the receipts to wipe their mouths. This should stop. Always be cautious on what you are getting in contact with before injecting any food.

How to avoid BPA from cash register receipts

You may simply say ‘No’ to the cashier but what if you want to keep a track of your records? The best thing to do is to be careful on how we are handling such receipts. For instance, you should not use them to wipe your lips. In addition, the government should try to restrict the use of BPA coated receipts in banks.

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