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Things You Can Do/Avoid In Order To Increase Your Sperm Count: Get That Laptop Off Your Lap

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Just because it is called a laptop it should not be put on the laps. By now you should probably know that a very hot laptop may lead to low sperm count. When you wish to place your laptop on your laps, you should place it on top of a pillow or a lap desk. If you have ever been on a camp fire, while young, I am sure you were once told to keep the testicles from the heat. This is because excessive heat reduces the rate at which testicles produce sperms.

The only thing which can be done to prevent this from happening is using your laptop from a desk. A study was conducted at the State University of New York where thermometers were used to measure the temperatures of scrotums of 29 young men who had laptops on their laps. It was found that even when the laptops were placed under a pad, the scrotums overheated very quickly. The sad news is that most of the men using laptops are at their reproductive age.

In the study, the temperature of scrotums rose above the normal range within 10 to 15 minutes. It has been found that one out of every six couples in the US has trouble in conceiving due to infertility.

Normally, the position at which testicles are situated in the body allow them to have lower temperatures than the rest of the body. This is the optimal temperature required for sperm production. Currently, there is no enough proof that laptops can lead to male infertility but by only warming the scrotum by 1 degree Celsius you may damage the sperms.

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There was a time when tight jeans were considered a threat to the reproductive system of men. However, this is not a threat as people tend to move around hence making the testicles feel ‘free’. In addition, there are some other factors like nutrition which tend to affect the reproductive system.

In most cases, when you are holding your laptop on your knees your legs will be closed. This in turn causes the temperature to rise by 2.5 degree Celsius. By using a laptop pad, less heat will reach your testicles but this is not 100% safe.

The researchers stated that ‘You will not become infertile by placing your laptop on your lap. However, you should know that the scrotums have no time to cool.’

In addition, when using a lap pad, a man can use the laptop and spread the legs wide. This means that there is more air circulation around the testicles hence a cooling effect. Unfortunately, this cooling effect will only last for 30 minutes and then the temperature of the testicles will begin to rise drastically. This means that however wide you spread your legs when your laptop is placed on your laps, the temperature will always be higher than normal.

In conclusion, the best solution is to always use your laptop from a desk. This way, no heat will reach your testicles.

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