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High Pesticides In Vegetables And Fruits To Decrease Sperm Count

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Vegetables and fruits are some of the most consumed foods in the current generation. These foods offer a number of benefits and form essential components of a balanced diet. Both men and women relish consuming vegetables and fruits. In order to enhance the healthiness of vegetables and fruits by controlling insects and weeds, most farmers opt for the use of pesticides in the farming of these crops. Despite its benefits, pesticides have been found to affect a man’s reproductive health adversely—it reduces the sperm count.

In a particular study published in the Human Reproduction journal comprising of 155 men and 338 samples of sperm, the researchers discovered that those men who consumed the highest pesticide residue levels had a 49% lower sperm count as compared to men who consumed low pesticide residues. Besides, these men had a 32% lower normally formed sperm as compared to those men who took smaller amounts of pesticide residues.

The study comprised of men aged between 18 and 55 who visited a fertility center between years 2007 and 2012. They were all part of the couple planning to use their own sperm for fertility and none of them had undergone a vasectomy. These men completed questionnaires on their eating habits. This included the quantity of vegetables and fruits they took on a frequent basis.

The vegetables and fruits were categorized as containing low, moderate or high levels of pesticide residue that was based on the US Department of Agriculture’s data. The produce containing low pesticide residues included beans, peas, onions and grapefruit while those with high residues included spinach, pears, apples, peppers and strawberries.

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The men were divided into groups and a comparison between those who ate the most produce containing high pesticide residue and those who consumed the least serving containing low residue made. When the results were collected, it was discovered that men who ate more produce containing high-pesticide residue produce averaged a total sperm count of 86 million.

This was much lower when compared to 171 million for men who consumed the lowest pesticide residue. This was a reduction of about 49% in sperm count. However, it was impossible for the researchers to link a specific pesticide to reduce the sperm count. Therefore, it was suspected that the impact was as a result of the simultaneous use of several pesticides.

Earlier studies showed that men working in occupations that involved the use of pesticide chemicals had lower sperm quality. These included farmers who applied pesticides on crops. This was the first proof that consuming chemicals through diet had an impact on the reproductive health. In as much as a number of health experts feel that the use of pesticides on vegetables and fruits may have unending implications for health, there is no sufficient significant evidence to prove the relationship.

The fact that consuming foods high in pesticide residue reduces sperm count in men should not scare men away from eating fruits and vegetables. There are various options of fruits and vegetables available for men. If you must eat the high pesticides fruits and vegetables, then you should consider consuming them with moderation.

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