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How To Combat Low Sperm Count Naturally?

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Low sperm count is a common problem facing men from all over the globe. It is a condition in which the quantity of sperm a man releases during orgasm is low. It is also known as oligospermia. Low sperm count can result from issues with the production or transportation of sperm. This condition can adversely affect a man’s ability to impregnate a woman.

For conception to occur, there must be fertile gametes and a conducive atmosphere for both the male and female gametes to fuse. In some cases, the environment may not be favorable enough for the sustained survival of sperms after copulation. This may result in the death of sperms intended to meet the ovum.

This is why it is recommended for men to ejaculate semen containing a lot of sperms in order to increase the chances of conception in cases where the environment becomes unfavorable. The following are some of the ways of combating low sperm count;

Improving your diet

You can improve your diet by choosing healthy foods and avoiding those that are harmful to your health. A diet comprising of vegetables, legumes, fresh fruits and whole grains have been proven to help boost the sperm count. However, you should avoid foods such as refined carbohydrates, tobacco, alcohol, coffee and tea.

You should at all times maintain your weight by taking the correct quantity of food. Starving can result in the loss of sex drive and adversely affect your reproductive tissue. Gaining excessive weight can raise your temperature which may lead to a low sperm count.

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Taking nutritional supplements

Vitamin C and Zinc are the essential supplemental nutrients that can be used to combat low sperm count. Zinc is proven to help increase sperm count, sperm mobility and the levels of testosterone hormone. Main sources of zinc include organ meats, oysters, turkey, lean beef, wheat germ, nuts, legumes, and herring. Vitamin C helps avert sperm from sticking or clumping together.

Regular exercises

Many studies reveal that exercising regularly combined with a healthy diet can improve the sperm count by abating anxiety and stress and maintaining the body weight at the normal levels. However, excessive exercise can result in low sperm count in men. Therefore, it is important to exercise moderately and in a healthy manner. This can be enhanced by seeking the advice of a personal trainer as they are likely to be aware of the type of exercise that could perfectly work for you.

Minimizing chemical exposure

Today, the quality and quantity of sperm from a majority of men are approximately half that of men in the past 50 years. The major cause of this is presumed to be as a result of exposure to xenoestrogens. T

he effects of xenoestrogens can be combated through the use of office paper products that are chlorine-free, avoiding the use of plastic containers for wraps, food storage, utensils and plastic bottles, staying away from synthetic cosmetics and deodorants, avoiding animal products containing hormones and high fat content, avoiding caffeine and alcohol and avoiding barbecued, fried or charcoal-broiled forms of cooking.

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